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by San Jacinto College on December 10, 2013

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1. Provide educational planning / academic advising, registration assistance, and assistance in accessing and navigating institutional requirements. 2. Develop programs and activities that encourage post-secondary education, specifically at San Jacinto College 3. Increase high school student awareness of San Jacinto College technical programs. 4. Coordinate recruiting programs at the high school. 5. Coordinate on-site testing programs. 6. Develop and conduct various classroom presentations at assigned high schools and San Jacinto College. 7. Assist with as well as inform students about the transition from high school to college. 8. Assist with San Jacinto College campus registration during peak registration periods and during the summer. 9. Work with the Director of Educational Planning and Counseling to plan, implement and evaluate the programs and services provided by the Educational Planning and Counseling Center. Additional Job Functions: - Work cooperatively with counterparts on the other campuses to achieve the College's annual goals and objectives - Engage in professional development opportunities - Other duties as assigned - Must have a bachelor degree (or higher level degree) from a regionally accredited institution. - Must exhibit an enthusiastic spirit, high level of energy as well as a desire to work with high school students. - Must be team-oriented with the ability to work well with other staff and faculty members in the development and administration of programs within the Educational Planning and Counseling Center, throughout the college, and on the assigned high school campuses. - Must have excellent oral and written communication, interpersonal skills, and presentation skills required. - Must possess personal computer literacy and good organizational skills. - Facilitate timely, professional communication and problem resolution strategies. - Must have the ability to work successfully with high school students. - Must demonstrate diplomacy and tact in communicating with and meeting the needs of the high schools and the college. - Must be knowledgeable about the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) and the college's policies and procedures related to TSI. - Must be knowledgeable about and be responsive to FERPA law and regulations. - Maintain processes and systems that improve the quality of customer support services. - Must be knowledgeable about university transfer requirements, reverse transfers, and articulations agreements. - Coordinate, plan, and implement targeted events and activities on the assigned high schools and on campus. - Must adhere to the highest principles of ethical behavior and strive to ensure the fair, objective, and impartial treatment of all persons with whom they deal. - Must use reasonable and informed practices to limit the liability exposure of the institution, its officers, employees, and agents. - Serve as student advocates to the faculty and administration. - Must possess outstanding customer service skills and have the ability to work with multiple projects and within deadlines. - Must be available for frequent nights and weekends activities at both the high school and the college campus.

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