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  • Summary: The School of Information: Science, Technology & Arts (SISTA) is seeking one or more Faculty Instructors or Lecturers to teach one or more courses in the School of Information: Science, Technology and Arts (sista.arizona.edu) for the Spring 2014 and possibly Fall 2014 semesters. Position of Instructor or Lecturer will be determined by degree and experience. Potential courses to be taught: ISTA 130: Computational Thinking and Doing in Python (4 units, lecture and lab) This course is an introduction to computational techniques using a modern programming language (Python) to solve current problems drawn from science, technology, and the arts. Topics include control structures, elementary data structures, and effective program design and implementation techniques. ISTA 350: Programming for Informatics Applications (4 units, lecture and lab) This is an intermediate programming course using Python and libraries for scientific computing and statistics to provide an introducti...

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