Adjunct Lecturer or Instructor, Computer Science

by University of Arizona Jobs on December 2, 2013

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  • Summary: The Department of Computer Science is seeking one Instructor or Lecturer to teach one of the following courses: CSC 127B: Introduction to Computer Science 2 Students will be asked to write various programs in Java (approximately 100-250 lines of code) and will be graded both on the correctness of their solutions and the design choices they have made in developing their programs. Specific Java and data structure topics to be covered include: advanced recursion, linked lists, binary trees, hashing, and elementary analysis of efficiency. The course will also stress the concept of data abstraction, abstract data types and the use of Java classes to encapsulate abstract data types. CSC 245: Introduction to Discrete Structures Introduction to the structures and proof techniques used in computer science: sets, relations, functions, predicate logic, induction, finite automata, grammars, parsing. CSC 337: Web Programming Introduction to the techniques and technologies for develo...

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